Baptist Health Paducah Heart Valve Clinic

Baptist Health Paducah Heart Valve Clinic

The Heart Valve Program at Baptist Paducah Hospital comprises a diverse team of medical professionals, including interventional cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, cardiac anesthesiologists, a cardiac imaging specialist, and dedicated nurses. Our team is devoted to utilizing the most effective therapies to treat our patients, recognizing that heart valve disease often presents complex challenges and may be accompanied by other medical conditions or concerns. Therefore, each patient's situation is unique, and our primary objective is to restore individuals to a more fulfilling life.

We thoroughly assess every patient to explore a wide range of innovative treatment options. These options encompass traditional surgical interventions, transcatheter procedures, minimally invasive surgery, and hybrid approaches. By employing a collaborative approach, we ensure that each patient receives the most suitable and personalized care. In addition, our team is supported by a dedicated coordinator who plays a crucial role. Their objective is to assist patients in navigating appointments, testing, and follow-up procedures.

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