Dr. German Alberto Ojeda Correal

Dr. German Alberto Ojeda Correal

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About Dr. German Alberto Ojeda Correal, Pain Management

Greetings! I am Dr. German Ojeda-Correal, M.D., who holds the esteemed position of Director of Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation at Baptist Health Miami Neuroscience Institute, where he specializes in spinal care. With expertise in physical medicine and rehabilitation, musculoskeletal disorders, electrodiagnostic medicine, and spine disorders, Dr. Ojeda-Correal offers comprehensive care to his patients in both English and Spanish.

Before joining the Miami Neuroscience Institute in 2022, Dr. Ojeda-Correal served as a physiatrist at Conviva Physicians. His dedication to advancing medical knowledge is evident through his published work in renowned journals like PM&R, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Journal, and the American Journal of Physical Medicine. Additionally, he has contributed to various electronic publications and book chapters.

Dr. Ojeda-Correal is an active member of esteemed medical organizations, including the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, the Colombian Society of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology, and the American Medical Association.

In his approach to patient care, Dr. Ojeda-Correal places a strong emphasis on listening to his patients. He believes that the information provided by patients is invaluable in arriving at an accurate diagnosis. Understanding their perspective allows him to gain deeper insights into their situations, and the ultimate reward for him is helping patients find relief through their treatment, which brings him immense satisfaction.

Outside of his medical practice, Dr. Ojeda-Correal cherishes quality time spent with his family. He has a variety of interests, including biking, reading, enjoying audiobooks, and traveling to explore new horizons.

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