Dr. Gyu Gang

Dr. Gyu Gang

Northwest medicine

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About Dr. Gyu Gang, TAVR Surgeon

Greetings! I'm Dr. Gyu Gang, a cardiac surgeon who completed my medical education at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1997. Throughout my career, I have successfully conducted around 3,250 cardiac surgeries, with a specific focus on heart valve procedures, accounting for 1,625 of those cases. Currently, I actively perform surgeries at renowned hospitals such as Central DuPage Hospital and Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

I consider my greatest strength to be the synergy between technical expertise and compassionate care. I am fortunate to have the best job imaginable, where every day I work towards prolonging life and alleviating suffering.

Witnessing my patients returning to the clinic brings me immense joy!

Speciality In

  • Complex mitral valve repairs
  • Aortic valve replacements including TAVR
  • Arterial coronary artery bypass grafts
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(630) 426-7276
25 N. Winfield Road Winfield, Illinois
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