Dr. Kevin Accola

Dr. Kevin Accola

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About Dr. Kevin Accola, Heart Surgeon

Greetings! I'm Dr. Kevin Accola, a cardiac surgeon who graduated from the University of Illinois in 1984. Throughout my career, I have conducted around 14,000 cardiac surgeries, focusing on heart valve procedures, accounting for 8,000 of those cases. Currently, I am actively involved in performing surgeries at the AdventHealth Cardiovascular Institute.

I take great pride in providing personalized care to patients and their families. I strongly believe in tailoring the treatment to meet the unique needs of each individual. Additionally, I am fortunate to be supported by an exceptional team that consistently delivers outstanding care on a daily basis. Our nursing staff is particularly noteworthy, as they provide comprehensive and attentive cardiac surgical care.

Please let me know if there's anything specific you would like to learn or discuss. I'm here to assist you.

Speciality In

  • Mitral valve repair and replacement
  • Aortic valve procedures and TAVR
  • Ascending aortic aneurysm

In addition, I have research and clinical interests specific to:

  • New valvular technology
  • Cardiac protective drugs
  • Critical care studies
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(855) 845-2106
217 Hillcrest St. Orlando, Florida
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