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Cardinal Health is a global healthcare services company that provides a wide range of products and services to customers in the healthcare industry. The company was founded in 1971 and is headquartered in Dublin, Ohio. With over 50,000 employees worldwide, Cardinal Health operates in more than 60 countries and serves hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, and other healthcare providers.

Cardinal Health operates in three main segments: Pharmaceutical, Medical, and Laboratory Products. The Pharmaceutical segment distributes branded and generic pharmaceuticals, as well as over-the-counter healthcare products. The Medical segment provides a range of medical products, including surgical and infection prevention products, as well as medical gloves and apparel. The Laboratory Products segment supplies diagnostic products, such as reagents and test kits, as well as lab equipment and supplies.

One of Cardinal Health’s key strengths is its extensive distribution network. The company has a large fleet of trucks and warehouses that allow it to quickly and efficiently deliver healthcare products to customers across the United States and around the world. Cardinal Health also has a strong focus on technology and innovation, investing heavily in new products and services that can help healthcare providers improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.

Medical Device Types

1 – Anesthesia Masks

An anesthesia mask is a medical device used to deliver anesthesia gases and oxygen to a patient during surgical or diagnostic procedures. The mask is typically made of clear, non-toxic plastic and covers the patient’s nose and mouth. Anesthesia masks come in various sizes to fit patients of different ages and sizes.

The anesthesia mask is attached to a breathing circuit that is connected to an anesthesia machine. The anesthesia machine delivers a precise mixture of oxygen and anesthesia gases to the patient through the mask. The anesthesia gases are typically either nitrous oxide, sevoflurane, desflurane, or isoflurane.

Anesthesia Masks

Anesthesia masks are commonly used for the induction of anesthesia, which is the process of getting a patient to sleep before surgery. The mask is placed over the patient’s nose and mouth, and the anesthesia gases are delivered through the mask. As the patient breathes in the gases, they become sedated and eventually fall asleep.

2 – Nasopharyngeal Airways

Nasopharyngeal airways, also known as NPAs, are medical devices used to establish and maintain an open airway in a patient’s nasopharynx. The nasopharynx is the upper part of the throat located behind the nose and above the soft palate.

NPAs are flexible tubes made of a soft, pliable material such as silicone or rubber. They are available in different sizes to fit patients of different ages and sizes. The tube is inserted through one of the nostrils and advanced into the nasopharynx until the tip rests at the base of the tongue.

Nasopharyngeal Airways

NPAs are used to manage airway obstruction, particularly in patients who are unconscious or unable to maintain their own airway due to illness or injury. They can also be used to prevent obstruction during medical procedures that require sedation or anesthesia.

NPAs are typically inserted by healthcare professionals such as emergency medical technicians, nurses, or doctors. The procedure nostril into the nasopharynx. The healthcare professional will monitor the patient’s vital signs and ensure that the NPA is properly placed and not causing any discomfort or injury.


Medical Devices List

  • Anesthesia Masks
  • Nasopharyngeal Airways

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