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Freudenberg Medical is a prominent global partner in the medical device industry, specializing in the design, development, and manufacture of innovative medical device technologies. The company prides itself on combining the expertise of world-class engineers with an extensive range of global resources, managed through a single-source relationship.

Their comprehensive technical capabilities extend across the design and manufacturing of minimally invasive, catheter, and handheld technology to the development and production of medical components utilizing complex materials and processes. Freudenberg Medical is renowned for manufacturing high-precision silicone and thermoplastic components and tubing as well as metal hypotubes.

Freudenberg Medical’s product offerings are extensive and include complex catheter solutions, hypotubes, special needles, medical balloons, coatings for minimally invasive procedures, precision molded parts, and medical tubing made of silicone and synthetic material. Their services encompass thermoplastic injection molding, silicone injection molding, silicone, and thermoplastic extrusion, as well as coatings for medical devices including drug coatings for combination products.

Freudenberg Medical Devices

1 – Flexseal®

Flexseal® is a product line from Freudenberg Medical, designed for use in medical procedures requiring large bore access. The Flexseal® Introducer Sheath incorporates a novel hemostasis valve that allows operators to manually adjust insertion forces and drag, ensuring robust hemostasis, valve durability, kink resistance, and trackability. These introducer sheaths cover sizes from 12Fr to 24Fr applications.


The Flexseal® Introducer Sheath is part of Freudenberg Medical’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art product design and robust clinical solutions, helping organizations meet the increasing market demands in large bore procedures.

Medical Device List

  • Flexseal®
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