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Globus Medical is a leading medical device company that specializes in developing innovative and advanced solutions for patients suffering from musculoskeletal disorders. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Audubon, Pennsylvania, USA, the company has become a global leader in the orthopedic medical device industry.

Globus Medical is renowned for its commitment to advancing medical technology and improving patient outcomes. The company has a team of skilled engineers, scientists, and medical professionals who work collaboratively to create cutting-edge products that address the unique needs of surgeons and patients alike.

One of the key factors contributing to Globus Medical’s success is its dedication to research and development. They invest heavily in new product development and continuously enhance existing technologies to ensure their offerings remain at the forefront of the industry.

Globus Medical Medical Devices

1 – Globus Power+™

Globus Power+™ is a compact and user-friendly device that combines electrical stimulation technology with state-of-the-art programming. It delivers targeted electrical impulses to specific areas of the body, effectively stimulating muscles and nerves to alleviate pain, improve circulation, and accelerate healing.

Globus Power+™

Equipped with a range of preset therapeutic programs, the Globus Power+™ caters to a wide spectrum of patients, from athletes seeking faster recovery to individuals with chronic pain conditions. Its versatility allows for customized treatment plans, making it suitable for both acute and chronic conditions.

2 – AFFIRM® VCF System

The AFFIRM® VCF System is a medical device designed to treat vertebral compression fractures (VCFs). VCFs are commonly caused by osteoporosis or other conditions that weaken the vertebrae, leading to painful fractures. The AFFIRM® VCF System offers a minimally invasive approach to stabilize and restore the affected vertebrae.



The system consists of specialized tools and instruments that allow surgeons to perform a procedure called vertebral augmentation or vertebroplasty. During this procedure, bone cement is injected into the fractured vertebra, providing immediate support and relief to the patient. The bone cement hardens quickly, reinforcing the weakened vertebra and reducing pain and disability associated with the compression fracture.

Medical Device List

  • Globus Power+™
  • AFFIRM® VCF System
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