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Haemonetics is a global healthcare company that specializes in blood management solutions. Founded in 1971, the company focuses on developing and providing innovative devices, software, and services to help healthcare professionals optimize the collection, processing, and utilization of blood and its components.

Haemonetics technologies are used in blood banks, hospitals, and other healthcare settings to improve patient outcomes and operational efficiencies in blood management. Their products range from blood collection and separation systems to software solutions that aid in inventory management and traceability. Haemonetics plays a crucial role in advancing the field of transfusion medicine, ensuring the safety and availability of blood products for patients worldwide.

Haemonetics Medical Devices

1 – NexSys PCS

NexSys PCS (Plasma Control System) is meticulously engineered to amplify productivity while enhancing quality and adherence to compliance standards within the plasma industry.

NexSys PCS

This advanced system seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technologies to streamline operations, foster greater efficiency, and elevate the overall output. By harmonizing innovative features and intelligent controls, NexSys PCS empowers organizations to achieve heightened levels of performance, uphold stringent quality benchmarks, and ensure unwavering compliance with industry regulations.

Medical Device List

  • NexSys PCS
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