Terumo Corporation

Terumo Corporation


Terumo Corporation is a global medical technology company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Founded in 1921, Terumo has grown into a leading provider of medical devices and solutions, with a presence in more than 160 countries worldwide.

Terumo’s products and services are focused on cardiology, vascular intervention, oncology, and critical care, among other areas. Some of the company’s most notable products include catheters, stents, heart-lung machines, and infusion pumps. Terumo is also heavily involved in research and development, with a particular focus on regenerative medicine and innovative technologies.

In addition to its medical business, Terumo is also involved in blood banking and transfusion medicine through its subsidiary, Terumo BCT. The company is committed to improving patient outcomes and driving innovation in healthcare, and its products and services have played a vital role in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of a wide range of medical conditions.

Medical Device Types

1 – NaviCross™ Support Catheter

The NaviCross™ Support Catheter is a medical device used in the field of interventional cardiology. It is designed to help guide and support other devices, such as guidewires or balloon catheters, during procedures to treat coronary artery disease.

The device itself is a thin, flexible tube made of a material called polyurethane. It is about 150 centimeters long and has a diameter of 0.014 inches. One end of the catheter is inserted into the patient’s femoral artery, which is located in the groin area, and then threaded up to the heart. The other end of the catheter is attached to a handle that the doctor uses to control the device.

Nexaris Angio-CT

The NaviCross™ Support Catheter has several features that make it useful in interventional cardiology procedures. First, it has a tapered tip that helps it navigate through narrow and tortuous blood vessels. Second, it has a hydrophilic coating that reduces friction and makes it easier to advance through the arteries. Finally, it has a radiopaque marker at the tip that allows the doctor to see its position on X-ray or fluoroscopy images.

Medical Device List

  • NaviCross™ Support Catheter
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