Which Implantable or Wearable Medical Device is best for you?

These reviews are designed for patients- they pair the best science with real world patient experiences.

Most people don’t even realize they have choices. Patient9 helps you choose which medical device is best for you. We do all the homework for you by analyzing the scientific literature, and gathering actual patient reviews. Finally, you’ll have a voice when talking with your doctor about which device to put in, or on, your body.

How Patient9 Works

At Patient9, we read and review thousands of publications in the scientific literature commonly used by practicing doctors, researchers, and scientists and then “translate” all that scientific jargon into something the rest of us can understand. Our team includes our own doctors, scientists, and researchers with decades of experience doing exactly this type of medical device analysis. Then we include patient reviews of those same medical devices so that you can appreciate what it’s really like to live with your new hardware.

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Medical Glossary

Patient9 Glossary is a collection of medical terms and definitions used to help patients understand and communicate effectively about medical conditions and treatments. It includes terms related to anatomy, diseases, treatments, procedures, medical jargon, and acronyms. It is designed to be a quick reference tool for understanding complex medical information. Medical terms such as Acid Reflux, Balloon Angioplasty, Breast Augmentation, Urinary Incontinence, Weight Loss, and Gynecare TVT, are included in the Patient9 Glossary. 

The glossary is to help patients with clear explanations of medical terms and concepts in layman’s terms. 

“Educate Yourself. Be Prepared. Minimize Uncertainty and Anxiety”.

Patient9 helps you choose which medical device is best for you.

Welcome to Patient9 medical device review – recommended website for patients. With  information and tools created specifically for patients, you can learn about your options, reduce anxiety about your upcoming procedure, and become a more engaged healthcare consumer.

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