Dr. Ahmed AlBadri

Dr. Ahmed AlBadri

About Dr. Ahmed AlBadri, Cardiology

Dr. Ahmed AlBadri is a cardiologist based in Conyers, Georgia. He is affiliated with several hospitals in the area, including the Atlanta Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Dr. AlBadri is notably proficient in minimally invasive catheter-based therapies for treating heart diseases, including issues related to heart valves, heart vessels, and holes in the heart. His research interests are concentrated on developing minimally invasive techniques for managing complex blockages in heart vessels and heart valves, such as transcatheter methods.

Over the years, Dr. AlBadri has performed many procedures using both commercially available and emerging research technologies, demonstrating his commitment to advancing the field of cardiology through innovative treatments. His work and dedication are part of a broader effort to improve patient outcomes through less invasive treatment options, highlighting his significant contributions to the field of cardiovascular medicine.

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Cardiologists focus on diseases of the heart and blood vessels, collectively known as the cardiovascular system. Common conditions treated by cardiologists include genetic heart defects, heart rhythm disorders, heart failure, and coronary artery disease (narrowing of the blood vessels caused by the buildup of plaque and cholesterol).


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Dr. Ahmed AlBadri

Dr. Ahmed AlBadri


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