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NuVasive is a medical device company specializing in innovative solutions for spine surgery. Founded in 1997, NuVasive has emerged as a leader in the field, aiming to transform spine surgery and improve patient outcomes through advanced technologies and minimally invasive procedures. With its headquarters in San Diego, California, the company operates globally, providing cutting-edge products and services to healthcare professionals around the world.

The core mission of NuVasive is to revolutionize spine surgery by offering less invasive and more efficient solutions that benefit both patients and surgeons. Traditional open spine surgeries are often associated with lengthy recovery periods, significant blood loss, and higher risks of complications. NuVasive aims to address these challenges by introducing innovative technologies that enable minimally disruptive procedures.

One of NuVasive’s flagship technologies is the Maximum Access Surgery (MAS) platform, which includes various systems and instruments designed to facilitate minimally invasive spine surgery. These tools allow surgeons to access the spine through smaller incisions, reducing soft tissue damage, minimizing blood loss, and shortening hospital stays. The MAS platform has gained recognition for enabling faster patient recovery and reducing post-operative pain.

NuVasive also offers a range of implantable devices and biologics designed to stabilize and support the spine during the healing process. These include spinal fusion systems, interbody implants, pedicle screws, rods, and plates. The company’s product portfolio covers a wide array of spinal pathologies and conditions, allowing surgeons to tailor treatment plans to individual patients.

NuVasive Medical Devices


PRECICE® is a medical device used in orthopedic surgery for limb lengthening and bone transport procedures. It is an intramedullary nail system designed to facilitate the gradual lengthening of bones in the arms or legs. The device is manufactured by NuVasive Specialized Orthopedics, a company specializing in innovative medical solutions.


The PRECICE® system is an alternative to traditional methods of limb lengthening, such as external fixation devices, which require the use of external frames and pins. The device consists of an implantable intramedullary nail, an external remote control unit, and a software application. It allows the surgeon to precisely control and monitor the gradual distraction of the bone, enabling controlled bone growth.

2 – X360 System

The NuVasive X360 System is an innovative surgical platform designed to support complex spinal surgeries. It combines advanced imaging, navigation, and neuromonitoring technologies to enable surgeons to perform minimally invasive procedures with enhanced precision and efficiency. The X360 System integrates with NuVasive’s surgical planning software, enabling surgeons to visualize the patient’s anatomy in detail before and during surgery.

X360 System

This comprehensive system provides real-time feedback, allowing surgeons to navigate the spine with greater accuracy and perform intricate maneuvers while minimizing tissue disruption. The X360 System has been developed to address a wide range of spinal pathologies, including degenerative conditions, deformities, and spinal tumors.

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